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lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Feist - Bittersweet Melodies

((( Feist - Bittersweet Melodies )))

Whispers in the grass
Under slow dancing trees
Birds are telling me stories
Saying you were meant to me

With their bittersweat melodies
Like a sweet memory
Bittersweat melodies
Can’t go back, i can’t go on (without those)
Bittersweat melodies

Weakened kitchen floor
Slow slips under the door
Tiny speakers were singing
Telephone always ringing

With those bittersweat melodies
Like a sweet memory
Bittersweat melodies
Can’t go back, i can’t go on

I remember us
’fore we turn to dusk
Just when these feelings were all about
When we still could trust
In our hearts

Bittersweat memory
Like a sweet melody
Bittersweat memories
Can’t go back, i can’t go on
Both of us singing the same old song
With those bittersweat memories
Like a bittersweat melody
Bittersweat memories
And it seemed all so wrong
Since those bittersweat melodies
Played for me.

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Genero Musical / Music genre: Folk
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((( )))

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